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Where To Fish

Sure, the THCFF is about conservation, education, and community. But we are just as much about catching fish.  That's the point of fishing, right?

The Hill Country and Texas are full of fishing opportunities to explore. This page is your resource for discovering new fishing venues.

County road maps are available from the Texas Department of Transportation, or “The Roads of Texas” (Shearer Publishing, Fredericksburg, Texas (800)458-3808) can help locate some of the access points described. Always get permission from the landowner if you cross private land to enter a river or stream.

Check The Flowing Water Level Before You Go

The USGS maintains an interactive map of current water flows.  Simply find your location on the map and click the water station dot to view current water conditions at that station.

Go View the USGS Interactive Map

Tenkara Fishing

  1. Guadalupe River State Park (upper Guadalupe River above Canyon Lake), especially the Bauer Unit, which relatively few people know about.  (I do not fish the lower Guadalupe River because of overcrowding and poor access.) 1.5 mile hike to get to river from Bauer unit. Walk can be strenuous in summer.
  2. Blanco River State Park, which offers great winter rainbow trout fishing.
  3. Cibolo Creek Nature Center in Boerne. Truly an urban gem, with fantastic fly fishing . . . but you have to know where to go and how to slingshot cast! (Especially good for Rio Grande Cichlids.)
  4. James Kiehl River Bend Park between Waring and Comfort. This county park is not as well-known as some locations but is worth the drive. If you want to fish upstream, you will need some flotation device, like an inner tube, to get across the deeper water under the bridge.
  5. Medina River near the town of Medina. Specifically, you can park and enter the water at Moffett Park in Medina. I have another great trip in the area, but you need to call me for the specifics.
  6. South Llano River State Park near Junction, TX. The South Llano is one of the most pristine rivers in Texas to fish. Can be tough, but worth the effort.
  7. Lost Maples State Park, but mostly NOT at the ponds where everyone fishes. Lost Maples is beautiful, but the fish are spooky because the water is so clear. If you can catch fish here, you can catch them anywhere! Call me for details.
  8. Louise Hays Park in Kerrville, plus adjoining public areas. Urban Guadalupe River fishing. Wonderful walking trail and associated amenities. Affords wide-open casting and is a good place to learn tenkara. Medium fish population.
  9. James River Crossing Near Mason, off the beaten path, stretches the two-hour driving time, good parking area but no bathroom facilities, rugged beauty in Old Yeller Country, saw my wife pull 11 bass out of one deep hole with her tenkara rod.

  10. Kruetzberg Canyon Natural Area, a new county park near Boerne, offers excellent parking, easy river access, wading, and paddling on the Guadalupe, good fish population with easy casting.
  11. FM 2107, off Hwy. 16, between Kerrville and town of Medina . . . Medina River crosses FM 2107 3 times before you run out of asphalt . . . Both the first and third crossing offer good parking . . . Can wade a little downstream at both locations . . . To go upstream, you would need a kayak, packraft, etc., but well worth the effort if you’re adventuresome. Wear your life preserver and carry a wading staff!


Carp can be taken all year long in rivers and large ponds but are most active in the warmer months likely found bottom feeding in slow moving shallow water weed beds that are rich with crayfish, muscles, leeches (worms), and insect larva. Carp are extremely wary and difficult to approach without spooking.  Carp are also very strong with high endurance so be prepared for a long fight if you hook one.

White Bass

The White Bass run is a spring highlight. A rise in water temperature to about 60° plays an important part in triggering the run.  Download the document on white bass locations.

TP&WD Leased Public Access

Areas Listed by River Basin as of Oct 1, 2021

Visit the links below for details and limitations on the use of individual sites.

Brazos River

Colorado River - downstream from Lady Bird Lake

Devils River

Guadalupe River

Llano River

Neches River - upstream from Lake Palestine

Sabine River - near Carthage

San Marcos River

Visit the TP&WD web site for more info https://tpwd.texas.gov/fishboat/fish/recreational/rivers/lease_access/

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