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Oktoberfisch Open
Texas Freshwater Species Fishing Tourney

A THCFF All Texas Species Fishing Celebration.
October 1 -14, 2023

The Oktoberfisch Open Texas All Species Tourney brings fly fishermen from all over the state together in this unique online all fresh water species fishing tournament. The tournament is managed by the FISHDONKEY APP run from your mobile phone and applies to all Texas public freshwater fisheries.  You can fish any fresh water in the State of Texas and record using a mobile phone, catch and release.

The tournament rules are simple. 

  • Entries may fish any public fresh water body in the state of Texas.
  • Entries must have a valid Texas Fishing License.
  • Entries must register for the tournament using the FISHDONKEY APP on a mobile phone.
  • Species Catches can only be registered using the FISHDONKEY APP on your mobile phone while logged into your FishDonkey Account.
  • Each different species is photographed along with a photo of the fly fisher at the same time and GPS location recorded.
  • Contest Judges species determination is final.  

The tournament's first prize goes to the fly fisher who catches the greatest number of different Texas native species of freshwater fish from a list of 37 species.  Cash prizes amounts based on number of registrants receipts.   The fly fishers mobile phone uses the FISHDONKEY APP and the mobile's camera captures the images and geotags each with GPS info which is used to validate the catch.  The online mobile phone app automatically uploads all catch information to a master database which then displays the progress to every entree.

How to onboard with the FishDonkey App and join the Oktoberfisch Open event:

1.  Download the app at FishDonkey.com/app  or from your mobile's app store.

2. Tap the button: Fish in a Tournament

3.  In the search field type: Oktoberfisch Open

4.  Join the Oktoberfisch Open Tournament

Watch a 1 minute tutorial on How to Enter a Fish

Watch a 1 minute video on How to Measure a Fish

HINT: Its' wise to test the app ahead of time to make sure you understand how to enter each one of your catches before the tournament.  

1.  Download the app

2. Join "Practice Entering a Fish" in the tournament selection


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