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Mentoring Program

"The only criteria is a desire to learn."

The THCFF's mentoring program is open to anyone wanting to jumpstart their journey into fly fishing. 

Experienced mentors are available for:

        • Equipment Basics, 
        • Traditional Fly Casting, 
        • Tenkara Style, 
        • Knots, 
        • Fly Tying, 
        • Fish Location
        • Fly Presentation.


    • Flexibility.  The mentor and mentee work out the times that best fit their schedules. 
    • Personal.  Mentoring is a hands-on, one-on-one process. Each mentor tailors sessions to meet the participants' needs.
    • Stress-free.  There's no embarrassment or fear-of-learning. All of the mentors strive to be patient and encouraging.
    • Variety.  Mentoring is available structured for western-style fly fishing or fixed-line tenkara angling plus a host of fishing skills valuable to any type of fly fishing.  
    • Access to expertise. All of our mentors have extensive experience on local rivers and streams. They are are a valuable source of information about gear, procedures, and locations.  Best of all they happily share what they know. 
    • It's free! The regular mentoring program through THCFF is no cost/no obligation. Most mentors have gear you can borrow before investing your money.

Basic Skills Fly Fishing

People often ask "How do I learn fly fishing?"  And, the answer is start with the BASICS. Fly fishing is a sport built around a basic set of skills such as setting up a fly rig, knot tying, choosing the right fly, finding where the fish are, casting, and of course landing the fish. 

There is no quicker more enjoyable way to savor all the fun of fly fishing offers than grow your fishing skills through the tutelage of a friend and expert mentor.

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Casting Instruction

Learning to cast properly is one of the most rewarding skills a fly fisher can possess.  A fisherman can do everything right from the rod & rigging to the choosing fly to getting the right equipment but if they cannot present the fly correctly in the location of a fish they will likely go home empty handed. Casting correctly is critically important for fly fishing. 

A casting mentor can observe a fisher's technique objectively.  Observing from a distance, they can quickly identify needed corrections and put you on the right track to effectively presenting the fly. 

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Tenkara is a method of fly-fishing particularly well-suited for stream fishing and for anyone looking for a simpler way to fly-fish.

It is the ideal setup for backpacking. Tenkara is a very effective, simple and enjoyable method of fly-fishing.  

Tenkara is particularly effective for fishing mountain streams. The main advantage is its simplicity. 

Visit the Tenkara Page

Fly Tying

Fly tying requires some basic equipment; a vise to hold the hook, a bobbin to dispense and provide tension on thread, scissors, pliers and the appropriate materials for the particular fly pattern selected.

These materials consists mostly of feathersfur/animal hairs, threads, and various synthetic materials. Fly tying equipment enables the fly tier to efficiently and effectively assemble and secure the materials on the hook to produce a particular type of fly. 

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